JUSTIFY: A Vigilante Justice Novel

Book three in the Vigilante Justice series proves just how hot—and deadly—it can be when opposites attract.

Book five in the Vigilante Justice series is coming. Are you ready to meet the black sheep of the Kennard family?

One recovering addict with a conviction on his record.

One woman with secrets and scars of her own.

When chaos comes to Justice, the most orderly Kennard brother will have to break his own rules to protect his family, his friends, and the woman determined to upset his routines.

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In Justice, Colorado, the Kennards run everything, including the only big business in the area. Their sawmill employs most of the town, and the Kennard brothers live up to a long family history of keeping their neighbors and coworkers safe—until a motorcycle club comes to town and starts causing trouble. Big trouble.

The kind that ends in funerals.

The kind no law enforcement can help them with.